Source codes for ocean modelling

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Finite Differences - Finite Elements - Finite Volumes - Spectral Elements

Finite differences

Shallow water model on a C-grid (13K). No-slip and free-slip boundary conditions are possible. No general interface is provided for setting the flag value of each point (land mask, boundary conditions...). Some test cases are provided. Fortran 77 programs.

Finite elements

Here is a shallow water version (41K), called MOG2D, of Quoddy (Dartmouth College, NH, USA) developped by Dave Greenberg from BIO, Canada and Florent Lyard from CNES (France). This model is heavily tidal oriented, No test case provided. C programs.

This is a Java graphic interface which might be useful for creating BEL files for Quoddy or MOG2D. Unfortunately, i did not fully follow the exact format. Java programs.

Discontinous spectral elements

Read a short description.

Here is the fortran 90 source code for shallow water version (115K), called SPOC. This version only allows for straight walls. Specified elevation at open boundaries possible. Both no-slip and free-slip available. test cases included.

This source code (40K) allows for curved walls and specified elevation at open boundaries. An additional file (coef.dat) is requied. No test case included. From a raw mesh, you can compute approximate smooth curved boundaries with this graphic interface using cubic splines.

This is a Java graphic interface useful for creating BEL files for SPOC.

This is a Java graphic interface useful for creating BEL and curvature files for SPOC.